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Felted bags, belts, bowls, hats and totes, knitted and crocheted hats, evening bags, scarves, and much, much more!

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Evening Bags

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Smittens & Headbands


Smittens and Headbands

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Tricia Bag.JPG
Tricia BagThis large shoulder bag will meet all your requirements. $75
MickiThis is our latest fall bag made of Lopi Yarn in crimson and gray. This is a large hobo bag that will hold everyhting and not hurt your shoulder. $65
IvyOur most popular style in a new size. This is made with our very best Lamb's Pride wool yarn. $65
Vintage Bubble Plus.JPG
Lily This red and black vintage purse has a flash of fun fur for added pizazz. $65
Jackie O Navy-Lime.JPG
Jackie O This Jackie O is navy and lime colored, simple classy and unique. $90
Purple w flower.JPG
ElizabethThis purple purse with a pink knitted rose has the right touch of flair in a classy bag. $105
Vintage Bubble.JPG
Emma This popular bag comes in a variety if colors. $60 each
2 In One Purse.JPG
Ava This red purse lies flat and has interior sections. Classic and Chic. $90

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pom pom hat$20Feb 06, 2017
pom pom hat$20Feb 06, 2017
Nice family Sep 20, 2016
My latest fan Jun 13, 2016
Siouxie-BPeriwinkle plus multi colored stripes wool felted bag . A request for spring colors Classic and chic. $84May 07, 2016
CourtneyThis shoulder bag has a leather strap and is slightly larger than others. The color is brown tweed . $65May 07, 2016
SophieSmall bag with beaded handle, sure to accent any outfit. $45 Mar 04, 2016
Grace Tri-color felted wool bag with pin. $84Feb 11, 2016